Industrial Area's Services

These services, provided by the Ministry of Industry, commerce and tourism allows local and foreigner investors to apply for leasing an industrial land. For more information please see the home page of the service.

  • The commercial registration should have at least one industrial activity in order to proceed with the application.
  • The applicant himself should be authorized and registered on Sijilat as one of the authorized signatures, shareholders, directors, etc.
  • You can see your application status on the table of your applications.
  • Click on the name to view the application details page.
  • This page shows the initial requirements for the application to be considered valid.
  • Your commercial registration should have one of the listed activities to proceed.

Services Require eKey

Services Require eKey

Industrial Land Application

To submit new a application leasing an industrial plot.

Application Follow Up

To follow up on submitted industrial land application.

Industrial Areas Services

To submit an application related to leased plot.

Application Follow Up

To follow up on submited application related to leased plot.

Survey Firm

Services without eKey login

Rental Payment Service

To pay outstanding amount or any other amount

Service Owner
Industrial Area's Services

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Fax Number: +973 17675750

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